Wheatley Activities


Attitude Is Everything at Wheatley Alternative Education Center and Wheatley students are recognizing the part they play in making sure good things happen here. Please notice the ever-growing list of activities that are taking place at this campus.


Student Impact Program


Our Student Impact Program includes 5 sessions designed to help young people make good choices in life. Sessions include a mock intake and tour of the Bell County Jail, a mentor program with people the youth can relate to, classes at Wheatley with local law enforcement, and presentations by students on what they experienced in the program.    


December 7, 2018

Rising Sun Court #150, Heroines of Jericho delivering pizza for all students and speaking with middle school students about goals and education.


December 14, 2018

Foundation donated 5 food baskets and talked to students about domestic violence and relationships. 


December 19, 2018

Western Hills Elementary Honor Choir Performing for Wheatley Students.


 Mr. Byron Sago 1st Sergeant, retired spoke with students about leadership vs following.


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