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At Wheatley Alternative Education Center we strive to teach and model behaviors that allow students to learn personal responsibility, citizenship, and the tenants for fairness, integrity and respect for themselves and others.
We also have the Wheatley Academic Program and the Adult Ed Program on Wheatley campus, and are thankful for the opportunity to make a difference in people's lives. There is no doubt in our minds that every student is looking for respect, love, forgiveness, discipline and success.

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Let’s Make Zucchini Bread Featured Photo

Let’s Make Zucchini Bread

6th grade has been multiplying and dividing fractions.
7th grade has been Working with proportions using rates and ratios.

Warm up Making ratios using ingredients from the recipe. The students had to use 3 different ways to show their ratios. The students were also given the opportunity to make equivalent ratios by increasing and decreasing the recipe.

The science teacher informed me that 6th grade had just studied density that morning, so I incorporated that in my lesson. We used density, mixture, and chemical reaction during the lesson.

The students were told that after the lesson was over, they would be writing to Mr. Pleasant to persuade him to let the students cook more in math class. They had to come up with realistic reasons why cooking is important in class. They used the Chromebook to research valid arguments.

During the lesson, the students were asking questions and I wrote their questions on the board. The students had to find the answers themselves using their Chromebook.

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